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4,800 Express Entry candidates invited to apply for Canadian PR on May 24

The IRCC held an all-program Express Entry draw on May 24 which saw 4,800 candidates receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence. This comes approximately one month after the last all-program draw on April 26. The 13th draw of 2023 had a minimum CRS of 488.

The May 24th draw seems to reflect a return to the previous Express Entry draw trend being one draw every 2 weeks as the 12th draw was on May 10 and the 11th being held on April 26. This therefore suggests that Canada may very well meet its yearly target.

Are you interested in migrating to Canada this year? Do you want to know if the Express Entry is the right route for you? Contact Yanique Russell Law by scheduling a consultation here.

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