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Yanique Russell

Lawyer | Labour Importer | Lecturer

As a Canadian immigrant, Yanique observed the pitfalls many temporary and permanent residents encountered when they landed in Canada.


As a Canadian immigration lawyer and licensed recruiter, she is now able to help immigrants to make a seamless transition into Canada with her focus on settlement.

About Our Founder

Yanique Russell is a Canadian Lawyer who is the Founder and CEO of Yanique Russell Law, Global Immigration Services Jamaica & CollegePass Recruitment Inc.

She is an attorney licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, and a licensed foreign worker recruiter. 

Her practice includes Canadian Immigration, Business and Estates Law at Yanique Russell Law.


As a Canadian immigrant, her passion to serve her community led her to launch her college and work recruitment company with a mission to make the international study and work experience more accessible to Caribbean and Latin Americans.


She also creates turn- key business migration opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs and connects Canadian employers with foreign talent. Her experience as an immigrant, lawyer and recruiter makes her ideal to guide anyone interested in studying, working and living in Canada. 

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Our Partners & Collaborators

We partner with other incredible organizations and trusted representatives to help our clients access top- tier professional services across a variety of industries 

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Community & Advocacy Work

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I am an honored member of the Board at this incredible foundation

Yanique participates as a member of the Planned Giving Advisory Committee

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