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The Canadian Significant Benefit Work Permit

Canadian employers are often required to undergo a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before granting temporary foreign workers a permit to work in Canada. However, the IRCC has once again made it easier for employers to address unemployment and underlying revenue fallouts through the significant benefit exemption.

If a significant benefit exemption is recognized, the need for an LMIA can be bypassed, and the employer would not need to prove to the ESDC that no other Canadian resident or citizen wants the job available. Therefore, the processing time for the processing of the work permit and the subsequent filling of the position would be greatly reduced.

A Significant Benefit Work Permit (SBWP) is an LMIA-exempt work permit with faster processing time. This particular work permit varies from the Temporary Foreign Work Permit (TFWP) in that the application must be prepared and submitted to the government by the employer.

Once employers secure a Significant Benefit Work Permit (SBWP) for foreign workers, they have begun a crucial step towards ensuring economic stability. Foreign workers contribute to the development of industries, promote export markets, and help to enhance Canadian skill sets. The work of a foreign national can also improve the overall health and wellbeing of people across Canada or within specific regions.

Eligibility for the SBWP

There are a number of factors which affect the issuing of work permits. These include the foreign worker's educational qualifications, work experience, awards or patents received, membership in organizations needing exemplary performance, and other achievements and contributions in their field.

Eligible applicants for a SBWP include intra-company transferees, television and film production workers, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers, and emergency repair personnel. These individuals must demonstrate that their work will significantly benefit Canada economically, socially, or culturally.

A Future of Simplified Recruitment: Our value added

Canada's commitment to addressing labor shortages is evident through the SBWP's introduction. As advocates for both employers and foreign workers, we at Yanique Russell Law are here to ensure a seamless recruitment process. Through our immigration expos, we have been able to curate a database of skilled and qualified workers who have expressed interest in becoming temporary foreign workers in Canada.

At Yanique Russell Law, our legal experience spans the SBWP and beyond, as we assist employers in navigating immigration processes, understanding LMIA requirements, and capitalizing on opportunities to fill labor gaps. Contact us today to learn more about how Yanique Russell Law can help you navigate the Significant Benefit Work Permit and achieve your recruitment goals.

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