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Ontario creating a robust healthcare workforce with internationally trained professionals

Yanique Russell Law is excited to share the latest developments in Ontario's health care sector. The Ontario government is steadfast in its commitment to create new pathways that connect more people to care across the province, both now and for future generations. Through the "Your Health: A Plan for Connected and Convenient Care," the government is launching three new programs to break down barriers and enhance the province's health care workforce.

Breaking Down Barriers for Internationally Educated Physicians and Health Care Workers

Ontario is taking a groundbreaking step by implementing new "As of Right" rules, making it the first province to allow highly-trained physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and medical laboratory technologists already registered or licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction to begin work immediately upon their arrival. No longer will they have to first register with one of Ontario's health regulatory colleges, eliminating bureaucratic delays that have previously hindered their practice in the province.

Practice Ready Ontario Program for Doctors

One of the newly introduced programs is the Practice Ready Ontario program, which removes the requirement for internationally educated physicians to complete lengthy re-education programs. As a result, they can begin practicing in Ontario immediately, contributing their valuable skills and expertise to the province's health care system. By 2024, the program aims to add over 50 new physicians to the workforce, ensuring quicker access to medical care for Ontarians.

Clinical Scholar Program

To retain more health care workers and enhance their skills, the Clinical Scholar Program pairs experienced front-line nurses as dedicated mentors with newly graduated nurses, internationally educated nurses, and those seeking to upskill. This mentorship program provides vital support during the transition into the nursing profession, ultimately bolstering the province's nursing workforce.

Models of Care Innovation Fund

In a bid to encourage innovation in care delivery, the Ontario government has established the Models of Care Innovation Fund, with a budget of $40 million. The fund invites health care partners, including hospitals, long-term care homes, family health teams, mental health service providers, and others, to submit applications via Ontario Health, starting from July 24. This initiative aims to explore creative ways to connect Ontarians to better services and care, ultimately enhancing access to health care services in communities.

Growing the Health Care Workforce for Future Generations

Since 2018, Ontario has seen an influx of over 63,000 new nurses and nearly 8,000 new doctors registering to work in the province. The surge in new nurses, with over 15,000 registering in the past year alone, is a testament to the province's commitment to building a strong health care workforce for the future. Additionally, more than 27,000 nurses are currently pursuing education at colleges and universities, ensuring a steady stream of talented professionals ready to serve Ontario's diverse communities.

At Yanique Russell Law, we celebrate Ontario's dedication to growing its health care workforce and ensuring that all residents have access to quality care and services. We are committed to assisting health care workers and other skilled professionals in navigating their immigration journey to Ontario. Whether it's obtaining work permits, permanent residency, or settlement services, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you achieve your goals to join Canada's dynamic healthcare industry. Together, we can build a healthier and prosperous future for Ontario and its communities. As Ontario continues to break barriers and invest in its health care workforce, we stand ready to support you on your path to success.

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