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Hong Kongers- it's now easier to work and live in Canada

A recent news release from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reveals that there are now improved pathways for Hong Kong residents to stay and work in Canada. As a trusted legal partner promoting access to justice, and by extension, enabling access to sound immigration legal advice, Yanique Russell Law provides services in both Mandarin and English. Our licensees remain committed to supporting individuals in their journey towards a better future in Canada.

Education Requirement for Canadian Work Experience Stream now removed

Paul Chiang, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, announced the removal of the education requirement under the Canadian work experience stream (Stream B) of the Hong Kong permanent residence pathways. This change will take effect on August 15, 2023. The removal of the education requirement means that more Hong Kongers with Canadian work experience will be eligible for permanent residence, regardless of their education status. It simplifies the application process as applicants will no longer be required to submit proof of education.

Extending Opportunities and Simplifying Transitions

This amendment complements the recent extension and expansion of open work permits for Hong Kong residents and further assists their transition from temporary to permanent residence in Canada. By implementing these measures, Canada aims to attract individuals who have already gained Canadian work experience. This opens doors of opportunity for skilled individuals from Hong Kong to contribute their unique skills and experiences to Canada's diverse workforce.

Ensuring Qualifications Don't Become Barriers

Mr. Chiang emphasized that true talent and valuable expertise are not solely defined by formal education credentials. By removing the education requirement under the Work Experience Stream B for the Hong Kong permanent residence pathway, Canada ensures that qualifications do not become a barrier for those who possess valuable experience and expertise. This change sends a powerful message of welcome and encouragement, reinforcing Canada's commitment to building a diverse and prosperous nation.

Support from Members of Parliament

Members of Parliament Jean Yip and Wilson Miao expressed their support for these measures, highlighting the benefits for their respective districts and for Canada as a whole. The changes will contribute to economic growth, foster cultural diversity, and strengthen the bonds between Hong Kong and Canada.

Yanique Russell Law: Your Immigration Partner

We welcome these changes for Hong Kong residents seeking to establish themselves and build a future in Canada. Our dedicated legal team remains apprised of the latest immigration policies and developments, and is committed to providing immigration advice and support to individuals navigating the immigration process. With our settlement-focused approach to offering immigration services, we are able to support Hong Kongers in their transition from temporary to permanent residence in Canada, ensuring a smooth and successful journey.

The removal of the education requirement under Stream B of the Hong Kong permanent residence pathways is a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and embracing the spirit of opportunity. It enables more Hong Kongers with Canadian work experience to become eligible for permanent residence and simplifies the application process.

Yanique Russell Law stands ready to assist Hong Kongers in their pursuit of a better future in Canada. Contact us today for a consultation and let us guide you through the immigration process towards a successful and fulfilling life in Canada.

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