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Express Entry no longer exclusively a points-based program

Growing up, you may have heard the adage "the only constant is change". Well, this is true about the law, and immigration policies and regulations are no different.

Canada has taken decisive action to address the country's urgent need for skilled workers in various industries. Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Sean Fraser, has introduced a category-based selection process within the Express Entry system to invite prospective permanent resident candidates with specific skills, training, or language abilities.

In June 2022, the Canadian government made legislative changes to ensure the selection of immigrants based on attributes that support Canada's economic priorities, such as work experience and knowledge of French. After extensive consultations with major stakeholders, and a review of the country's labor market needs, the government determined the following eligible categories. The government also announced that the first category-based set of invitations to apply would be sent during the summer of 2023.

On May 31, 2023, the Canadian government announced that its focus will be on candidates with strong French language proficiency. Express Entry will also now favor candidates with work experience in sectors such as healthcare, STEM professions, trades, transportation, and agriculture. These efforts align with Canada's commitment to welcoming professionals in high-demand fields and supporting vibrant French-speaking communities.

This new category-based selection enhances the adaptability of the Express Entry to meet Canada's evolving economic and labor market needs, while maintaining a high human capital approach. The Minister emphasized the importance of addressing chronic labor shortages faced by employers and highlighted the responsiveness of the revised system to the country's social and economic needs.

Immigration plays a vital role in addressing Canada's ongoing labor shortage crisis. Employment and Social Development Canada revealed that almost 100% of Canada's labor force growth could be attributed to immigration.

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