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British Columbia and Manitoba PNP draws in February 2023

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are economic immigration programs that allow provincial governments to identify and choose the most suitable candidates to meet their respective labour market shortages. These provinces invite candidates who have displayed strong capabilities to easily and successfully reintegrate into their respective societies. All provinces and territories except Quebec and Nunavut operate their own PNPs.

British Columbia

On February 22, 2023, British Columbia invited 241 candidates under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. An invitation from a province means an individual will get an additional 600 points added to their CRS score in their Express Entry portal. Of the 241 invitations extended, 203 were tech professionals, 18 were early childhood educators and assistants and 20 were healthcare workers.


Manitoba invited 583 qualified candidates through the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program on February 23, 2023. The province invited 207 skilled worker candidates from specific occupations including:

▪︎Transport and transit drivers

▪︎Retail and wholesale trade managers

▪︎Nursing and allied health professionals

▪︎Assisting occupations in education

▪︎Secondary, elementary and kindergarten schoolteachers

▪︎Hairstylists and estheticians

▪︎Automotive service technicians

▪︎Paraprofessional occupations in legal, social, community and education services

▪︎Retail salespersons and non-technical wholesale trade sales and account representatives

▪︎Office support and court services occupations

In addition, the province also invited 298 candidates with non-specific occupations from the skilled worker program and 27 candidates from the Skilled Worker Overseas stream.

Source: CIC News

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